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Tech Analyst’s Crazy $350 Apple Stock Prediction Is Dead Wrong 0

Tech Analyst’s Crazy $350 Apple Stock Prediction Is Dead Wrong

By CCN: Even prior to Apple delivering strong earnings that beat estimates, tech stock analyst Gene Munster said that Apple would rise 70% over the next two years. With today’s earnings announcement from Apple, it may initially appear that he’s right. Munster told CNBC: “There’s meaningful upside to the Apple story. I suspect that this year, Apple will be the best-performing FANG stock. I think this can be closer to $350.” '@LoupVentures Gene Munster says Apple is heading to $350. Here's why $AAPL — CNBC's Fast Money (@CNBCFastMoney) April 30, 2019 Apple’s Stock Driven by Colossal Services Growth Tech

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Top 8 Angular Component Libraries You Should Know in 2019 0

Top 8 Angular Component Libraries You Should Know in 2019

Top 8 Angular Component Libraries You Should Know

According to the Stack Overflow’s survey, Angular has become the most popular front-end framework across the globe. In 2009, Google developed the AngularJS by releasing its version 1.0 in the year 2012 which is still recognized as the most popular open-source front-end frameworks often supported by the community of developers to contributors and angular development company to freelancers. As the years passed by, it got evolved into variant versions from AngularJS v1.0, v.2.0 to the latest Angular v6.0.

The AngularJS framework comes with many tools and frameworks that allow you to use components to split your UI into different and reusable pieces. In this post, we have listed some of the popular Angular component libraries which are useful and a must for your upcoming app development project.

#1 Angular Material (Angular’s official library)

The tool is a popular collection of Angular components developed with the assistance of Google Material Design that helps developers to apply modern elements in their projects with ease and simplicity. Also, you can add a new feature to quickly generate a bunch of templates from the command line of Material Components. Many new compomers are also added such as Tree for data rendering, Badge for element status and Bottom-Sheet service to interact with the panel display at the bottom of the screen. Let us look at some Angular components which are for Angular:

  • The navigation bar, Side Navigation, and ToolBar menu
  • Data table format
  • Control forms such as AutoComplete, Checkbox, Datepicker, Form field, Input, Radio button, Select, Slider, and Slide Toggle.
  • Create Popups like Dialog, Snackbar, Tooltip
  • Layout Components as in Card, Grid List, Divider, Expansion Panel, Tabs, List, Stepper
  • Buttons, Chips, Icon, Progress Bar, Progress Spinner

#2 Onsen UI (6k stars)

This library is useful to create the most beautiful and efficient ways to develop HTML5 hybrid and mobile web applications. It is packed with a rich variety of UI components specially designed for mobile apps. The library supports both iOS and Android Material design with automatic styling based on the platform you choose. Have a look at some of Onsen UI components:

  • Lists and forms
  • Tabs
  • Side Menu
  • Stack Navigation
  • Automatic Styling

#3 NG Bootstrap (4.5k stars)

This library has mostly replaced angular-UI bootstrap by providing Bootstrap 4 components for Angular. It comes with high testing coverage and no third party JS dependencies as well. All of its widgets is easily accessible by using proper HTML elements along with the required aria attributes. Some of the NG Bootstrap components are:

  • Carousel
  • Modal
  • Popover
  • Tooltip
  • Datepicker
  • Typehead

#4 NGX Bootstrap (3.5k stars)

It is difficult to imagine a front-end developer not being familiar with the Bootstrap framework as it is the popular one that provides a bulk of Bootstrap capabilities which you can utilize in your Angular applications. The library provides high performance and app scalability for all screen sizes in variant devices. The library comes up with its own website that has clear documentation and multiple examples to understand its use for the newbies. Addition to this, the developers can actively support the project in accordance with the latest version of Angular. Here, we have mentioned few NGX Bootstrap components you can look at:

  • Accordion
  • Alerts
  • Carousel
  • Collapse
  • Datepicker
  • Pagination
  • Typehead

#5 NG-Lightning

The main objective of this project is to provide native Angular components and directives for the Salesforce Lightning Design system. It has a great impact on your Angular app by boosting performance and having flexibility. Here are a few components included in the NG-Lightning as they exclusively depend on their input properties.

  • Badges
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Buttons
  • Datatables
  • Icons
  • Lookups
  • Ratings
  • Spinners

#6 Clarity

The library is an open source design system by VMware that is bringing together the UX guidelines and HTML/CSS framework along with Angular components. It is suitable for both designers and developers as the Clarity’s designs root from continuous exploration and research. This library also offers a set of well-designed and implemented data-bound components that are built on top of Angular. Some of the Clarity components are listed below:

  • Alerts
  • Grid
  • Login Page
  • Password
  • Progress Bars
  • Radio Buttons
  • Signposts
  • Toggle Switches
  • Tree View
  • Wizards

#7 Vaadin Components

This library is bridging the gap between Angular components and Polymer elements by providing Material inspired UI components for your mobile and web applications. The elements are kept invariant repos, yet they can be grouped into a single repo as available individually on Bit. The library integrated to package managers, Git and other tools to get a better experience for sharing the code between apps and developers. By eliminating the overhead around your code, it allows to codeshare by letting you quickly sharing or reusing components without refactoring or configurations. Here are a few components you wanna check out from free as well as premium version:

  • Combo Box
  • Custom Field
  • Email Field
  • Password Field
  • Notification
  • Context Menu
  • Progress Bar
  • CRUD
  • Charts
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Spreadsheet

#8 PrimeNG (3.3k stars)

Regarded as one of the most useful libraries for Angular, it provides more than 80 components for developing the UI in your next Angular applications. The components of PrimeNG are designed professionally for easy use and customization. You can also look for some simple form elements as well as complex ones such as tables, graphs, sliders, and pop-ups. The mobile UX is packed with touch optimizing and responsive layouts. Let us look at the supported library components:

  • Message Alert using Messages and Growl
  • File Upload Component
  • Buttons and SplitButton component
  • Basic Input Components plus advanced input components such as ColorPicker, Editor, AutoComplete, Calendar, KeyFilter.
  • Overlay Components like Lightbox, Dialog, Overlay Panel.
  • Charts with the customized option of Bar, Radar, Pie, Line, Doughnut.
  • Card, Accordion, Toolbar, ScrollPanel, TabView panel components
  • Data Components in DataTable, DataList, Tree Table, DataGrid format

The above-mentioned libraries are the most popular and comprehensive ones which can be utilized for any relevant tasks in the frame of modern Angular 6 development. Keep Learning!

Author Bio:

Olivia Diaz is working in an Angular development company An avid reader and a passionate writer, She shared her ideas on path-breaking IT solutions, current IT trends and much more. Understanding how technology affects the world is her subject of interest.

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ITIF Releases Guide to Regulating Blockchain for Policymakers 0

ITIF Releases Guide to Regulating Blockchain for Policymakers

ITIF puts forth suggestions for making laws without restricting innovation among blockchain-based applications

Bank of England Gov: Bitcoin Doesn’t Satisfy the Principles of Currency 0

Bank of England Gov: Bitcoin Doesn’t Satisfy the Principles of Currency

By CCN: Dave Ramsden, deputy governor for markets and banking at the Bank of England, said in an interview with CNBC that crypto assets like bitcoin are too volatile to be a store of value and they do not meet the principles of currency. Citing the research of the Financial Policy Committee (FPC), Ramsden stated that the high volatility and the relatively high costs of crypto transaction settlement make cryptocurrencies less practical as currency. Volatility Could be an Issue for Bitcoin and Crypto but Time Will Fix It For any new or emerging asset class, volatility could be an issue

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Analysts Expect Crypto Markets to Continue Surging Despite Bitcoin’s Current Stability 0

Analysts Expect Crypto Markets to Continue Surging Despite Bitcoin’s Current Stability

Although Bitcoin incurred some downwards pressure late last week after news surrounding the Tether-Bitfinex imbroglio surfaced, BTC now been able to tepidly advance higher, and has led the entire crypto markets to surge.

Despite finding stability in the lower-$5,000 region, analysts are now expressing somewhat cautiously bearish sentiments regarding the current state of BTC and expect altcoins to be the cryptos that incur further gains in the near future.

Bitcoin (BTC) Advances Above $5,300

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading up just under 2% at its current price of $5,330, up from 24-hour lows of $5,219.

Earlier this week, news broke surrounding the New York Attorney General’s public accusation of fraudulent activity being conducted by stable coin Tether (USDT) and related crypto exchange Bitfinex, which instantly send BTC’s price reeling downwards from highs of $5,650 to lows of $5,180.

Although the cryptocurrency’s recent price action certainly appears to be somewhat bullish, Mr. Anderson, a popular crypto analyst on Twitter, explained that in order for technical formations (like the recent golden cross) to be bullish, BTC’s price must actually respond bullishly.

“$BTC Daily: The 55 EMA will cross the 200 EMA. This is inevitable. These events are not simply BULLISH though. It is the reaction by Price when this occurs that determines its effect (Bullish/Bearish) and that effect usually is long-standing,” he explained in a recent tweet.

Although BTC’s response to recently established bullish technical formations has been muted, it remains possible that the cryptocurrency is simply consolidating at the current time, and that a bullish surge is right around the corner.

Crypto Markets Surge Despite BTC’s Stability 

Because Bitcoin has remained stable in the low-$5,000 region and it remains unclear as to which direction the crypto is heading next, many traders are turning to altcoins to make profits.

Today, multiple major cryptocurrencies have posted decent gains, with XRP climbing over 5%, Bitcoin Cash surging over 6%, and Litecoin jumping over 8%.

Lucid TA, another popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, explained in a recent thread of tweets that he believes long positions on altcoins currently make more sense than long positions on Bitcoin, as many are currently bouncing off of long-established support levels.

“Though $BTC looks questionable, I think longs make more sense on alts. Many are at support, and many reasonable trades can be found with high RR. Here are a few examples on different TF’s. There were better entries, though since I’m posting this late these are market entries,” he noted.

Lucid further noted that he does believe Bitcoin is currently flashing some bullish signals.

“A few further factors to consider. The fact that BTC swept the lows weakens the bear case and increases likelihood of a break up (‘bart’ pattern). Longs/shorts are bullish, though to be taken with a grain of salt…” he said.

As the week continues on and Bitcoin further establishes whether or not it has enough support around its current price levels to climb higher, it is likely that altcoins will be able to maintain their upwards momentum and continue climbing higher.

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Crypto Traders Split 50/50 On Where Bitcoin Price Goes Next: $6K or $4200 0

Crypto Traders Split 50/50 On Where Bitcoin Price Goes Next: $6K or $4200

At the start of April, Bitcoin rallied over $1,000 in the matter of an hour, giving crypto investors their first taste of bullish momentum since the start of 2019. The rally was enough to cause traders and analysts alike to call the bottom as “in” and claim that a new uptrend was confirmed.

However, breaking news last week that the New York Attorney General’s office is accusing Bitfinex of using Tether reserves to hid a loss of $850 million has caused much panic across the crypto space. The same traders that were once calling for Bitcoin to test resistance at $6,000, are now also calling for a retest of resistance turned support at $4,200, back where the early April rally began. And according to a new poll, crypto investors are now equally split as to where Bitcoin might head next: $6,000 or $4,200.

Poll Results Reveal That Bitcoin Traders Are Equally Split on Bitcoin Price Targets

Read any crypto community forum, group, or social channel and there is no shortage of crypto traders genuinely confused about the current price action, and which direction Bitcoin will go next.

After the longest bear market on record, recent Bitcoin and crypto investors have taken a beating, and have been conditioned to anticipate a fall in price following a rally. The market sentiment is normal following a bubble burst, and confirms the market is in what’s called the “disbelief” phase.

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The uncertainty surrounding Tether and Bitfinex, which could have have significant impact on the overall market integrity should the parent company of both becomes insolvent or is shut down the by New York AG’s office. The fears have stopped Bitcoin’s April rally in its tracks, and now crypto traders who were once bullish and calling for $6,000 are now suggesting that Bitcoin will need to retest resistance turned support at $4,200 before healthy upward movement can continue.

While most of the market was bullish, the market is now equally divided as to where Bitcoin price will go next. The sentiment can be visualized using a Twitter poll shared by crypto trader Bagsy, who asked the crypto Twitter community which of the two prices would come first: $4,200 or $6,000.

Surprisingly, even with over 6,000 votes on the poll, respondents were equally split down the middle, with 50% voting on each option. With crypto traders so torn on price direction, one side of the argument is bound to be in for quite a shock when the price of the leading cryptocurrency goes counter to the direction of their choosing.

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The sentiment could also be viewed as positive, as prior to the recent Bitcoin rally, most bears were calling for sub-$3K prices as the Bitcoin bottom, but now even the most bearish of traders are warming up to the idea that the bear market has ended.

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ConsenSys Spinoff Truffle Integrates With Goldmans Sachs-Supported Blockchain: Report 0

ConsenSys Spinoff Truffle Integrates With Goldmans Sachs-Supported Blockchain: Report

Truffle is reportedly integrating with AxCore, a proprietary blockchain jointly created by Goldman Sachs and Axoni

Venezuela’s Maduro Is Running Out Of Time. So Is His Petro 0

Venezuela’s Maduro Is Running Out Of Time. So Is His Petro

By CCN: The petro token, one of the last financial schemes crafted by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, will likely fall by the wayside like his regime if the uprising against him is successful. This is the corrupt, illegitimate Maduro Regime. — The White House (@WhiteHouse) April 30, 2019 In a move that caught many in the global community off guard, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó called for the military to rise up and oust Maduro. As people flooded the streets in what was complete chaos, more questions arose as to what will happen to the petro. One thing is

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Despite Crypto Winter, US Bitcoin Awareness, Knowledge, and Perception Increased “Dramatically” Since 2017 0

Despite Crypto Winter, US Bitcoin Awareness, Knowledge, and Perception Increased “Dramatically” Since 2017

Research suggests that Bitcoin is more fully understood and accepted today across US society than it was at the height of the bull market of 2017. According to a recent study, young adults are way ahead of other demographics with regards awareness, familiarity, perception, and likelihood to buy Bitcoin in the future.

Blockchain Capital recently asked 2,029 randomly selected American adults a series of questions relating to Bitcoin. The survey was a follow up to a similar one conducted in October 2017, when prices were rising and overall market sentiment was entirely different.

US Public Becoming Increasingly Knowledgeable About Bitcoin

The test was divided into various categories. First, the participants were asked if they had even heard of Bitcoin. A massive 89 percent answered that they had. This was up from 77 percent in October 2017. This is hardly surprising given that the spectacular crash of late 2017/early 2018 was covered by just about ever mainstream media outlet on the planet.

Next, the participants’ familiarity with Bitcoin was gauged. They were given the question: How familiar are you with Bitcoin? along with a series of responses: “never heard of it”, “heard of but not familiar”, “somewhat familiar”, “very familiar”, and “I own/have owned Bitcoin”.

The percentage of people that are “at least somewhat familiar” with Bitcoin rose by nearly half — from 30 percent in October 2017 to 43% in April 2019.

Amongst those aged 18 to 34, 60 percent described themselves as at least ‘somewhat familiar’ with Bitcoin — up from 42 percent in October 2017. An equally large increase was observed in the age group 45-54. Previously, just 25 percent were at least familiar with Bitcoin. Now that figure is 43 percent.

The percentages of those familiar with the cryptocurrency really diminish in older generations but still show an increase over those from 2017. Of  those aged 55 to 64, 32 percent were at least familiar with it. This was up from 22 percent in 2017. Meanwhile, just 20 percent of those over 65 claimed to be knowledgeable about the decentralised payment tech, up from the 15 percent observed in the previous study.

Next, the participants were asked how much they agreed that Bitcoin is a positive financial and technological innovation. Again, there was a significant increase in those answering favourably here too. In 2017, 34 percent of those asked agreed or strongly agreed with the statement. This rose by 9 percent in the recent survey to 43 percent.

Younger respondents were much more likely to view Bitcoin positively. Of those aged between 18 and 34, a massive 59 percent said that they though Bitcoin was a positive innovation versus 48 percent in the previous survey.

The figures relating to the likelihood that Bitcoin will be widely used in the future show similar tendencies too. A third of US adults now believe that the digital asset will be in common use in the next 10 years. This is a five percent increase to the figure observed in the previous study.

Raising this overall average once again is the younger generation. A massive 48 percent of those aged between 18 and 34 agree that Bitcoin will be widely used within the next decade.

The findings also indicate that 27 percent of people are considering buying Bitcoin in the next five years. Despite the bear market, this figure is up from just 19 percent in 2017.

The write up of the report, summarised by Spencer Bogart, concludes by inquiring about people’s store-of-value preferences. The respondents were asked which asset they would like to own $1,000 of between Bitcoin and a traditional investment:

  • Over one in five people said they would prefer the cryptocurrency to government bonds.
  • Bitcoin was preferable to stocks for 17 percent of those asked.
  • Fourteen percent of respondents would prefer Bitcoin to real estate.
  • Just 12 percent said they would rather have digital gold over physical gold.

Again, the figures for the youngest age group in the sample reflect a much greater acceptance of Bitcoin than the rest of the US public. Almost one in three prefers Bitcoin to government bonds, more than one in four prefers Bitcoin to stocks, just under one in four would rather own Bitcoin than real-estate, and over one in five would favour the crypto over gold.

Younger Generations Championing Crypto Revolution

The figures show that the younger generations are much more knowledgeable of, familiar with, and accepting of Bitcoin. This is summed up by Bogart himself when he states:

“Ultimately, Bitcoin is a demographic mega-trend: Younger demographics are leading in terms of Bitcoin awareness, familiarity, perception, conviction, propensity to purchase, and ownership rates.”

As a purely digital currency, it figures that the first to get to grips with the concept would be those that have grown up in a purely digital world. In that vein, crypto investment fund Adamant Capital’s CEO Michiel Lescrauwaet neatly summed up why digital cash might be alluring for millennials earlier today in response to the research detailed above:


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