4 Tools For Freelancers Looking To Improve their Writing

Tools For Freelancers Looking To Improve their Writing

Whether or not you work in web content creation or copywriting, chances are you need to be able to type legible text, in some capacity, on a daily basis. So, it is always a good idea to score some automated tools which will make your life a bit easier. Today I’ll share my list of top online services you can use to skyrocket your writing.


Even the most educated people make grammar and spelling mistakes, and typos can become a nightmare. Happily, there are tools that can go through your text and eliminate errors. My number one choice for this task is Textly.AI.

It effectively fights typos — my biggest problem as I type fast. Also, it fixes grammar mistakes and works as a super convenient Chrome extension. Sometimes I am editing posts right on WordPress or Medium, and it is super convenient that the extension checks everything on the fly. No need to Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V and paste anything.

Real-time fixes generated by the algorithm

There’s also a web app featuring the file storage and the personal dictionary — here you can add words you do not want the system to highlight as errors. Also, there is an online editor where you can paste your text or write it from scratch. There are no formatting options. Instead you can run a content assessment. An algorithm will evaluate readability and complexity of the text. If it is too hard to read, the system will tell you.

The system has a basic free plan, but Premium allows finding hundreds of more mistakes and access features like content templates library. My choice is $36 for the quarterly plan for Textly.AI.


To make your content a real top-notch you’ll need a human proofreader as well. There are websites like Fluent Express where you can purchase fast proofreading. However, you won’t even know who is working on your piece. The maximum quality is achieved when an editor and writer have worked together for a long time. Both of you should know each other’s style and language preferences. This is when not only basic proofreading happens, but text becomes a better product.

I use Upwork to find such colleagues. It is a platform connecting freelancers and people who need their services. There are also professional editors and proofreaders who can work with multiple English dialects.

Several job postings on Upwork allowed me to find great freelancers who are now my editorial team. We work together for around two years.

The competition is high there, so you can get your text checked fast, at an affordable price, and, more important, build a relationship with your future editor. You can discuss edits, negotiate future discounts, explain your idea behind any part of the text — shortly speaking; you definitely need Upwork for professional content creation.


When you have to write a lot of content every day, your brain can be stuck in some words sometimes. Occasionally I forgot the correct meaning of a specific word, and Vocabulary.com helps me to fix this problem. The main idea behind the services it is like a teacher explaining a new notion to a student. See an example:

On the same page, you can see the use cases of a specific word with examples, spot connected words. You even can take a short quiz on the word’s meaning. As a result, you will remember the meaning very fast, so this tool not only useful for content creators, but students as well.

Hemingway App

A bit overhyped tool, but still handy. Sometimes people view as a writing enhancement tool competitive to Startup.AI, but this is entirely wrong. This tool is only suitable for enhancing your writing style. It shows problems like too wordy sentences, passive voice or bad language constructions.

However, the system does not offer any correction; just points out your mistakes. So, you have to be an experienced writer to be able to apply such advice.

Final thoughts

Sure, automated tools can’t substitute a human proofreader, but happily, there are services you can find such people as well! And it will be easier, cheaper, and faster to provide a real human with a text that was already enhanced by the newest algorithms.

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