5 Top Web Designing Trends in 2019

Here are some of the best web designing and development trends for the year 2019. These top web design trends are based on various stats.

Are you planning to launch your website this year? Have you analyzed the market in which you are going to enter?

There are around 1.5 billion websites working on world wide web. Here are the number of websites from the year 2009 to 2019, as announced by internet live stats.

The increasing number of websites have created a cutthroat competition among online businesses. It is quite easy and cheap to construct a website in current times.

The challenge begins at the latter stage when you want to reach the goal because of which you started the website. (The goal of reaching and gaining customers). Let me tell you that it is one of the most strenuous tasks to do!

The thing which stresses the website owners the most is the bounce rate. Website bouncing is when a user leaves your website without interacting further.

No business person likes when their bounce rate goes up. It is a nightmare for most of the web designers too because it shows their lack of skills. Do you know the average bounce rate industry-wise?

According to an infographic on the blog of Niel Patel, the bounce rate metrics of various industries is given below:

This data is not meant to scare you but its motive is to gear you up for the heavy competition in every business niche. To outshine in this growing dynamic market it is vital to formulate a website which compels the visitors to interact with it.

It is not easy to design an efficient website. While hiring web designers make sure that they know about the trends of website designing which will rule the market in 2019.

Website designing trends are constantly evolving according to the needs and preferences of internet users. Proficient website designers keep an eye on these trends and incorporate them into their projects. Here are some of the top website designing trends in 2019:

Responsive design

AI, deep learning and Machine learning



Design systems

1. Responsive design:

In the era where every other person has a mobile in their hand, do you think it is smartness to ignore this platform? According to Statista research, the number of mobile users will reach to 4.68 billion in 2019. Here is the graphical representation of their findings:

This is why the mobile version of websites are given more priority by website designers. With SEO friendly web design you can reach social media as well. A strong presence over social media platforms can enhance your overall website performance.

It was announced by Google that it is changing algorithms to prioritize mobile-first-indexing. It is to encourage designs to choose mobile as the first platform for responsive design. It will enhance the experience of mobile users.

2. AI, deep learning and Machine learning:

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence where a computer is trained to make predictions using pre-determined algorithms. It is a data-driven task that makes predictions based on past data samples.

Some of the machine learning applications utilized in web designing are:

WiX ADI: Wix artificial design intelligence is an AI-based website builder. It gathers information from social media about related contents which help in making a website beautiful. It helps in creating awesome website designs using machine learning algorithms.

Adobe Sensei: It helps in creating customized workflow and applications. It identifies related backgrounds, illustrations, and images. This automates the repeated task which in turn speed up the process of web designing.

Thegrid: It is an AI-based website builder that uses machine learning to formulate mobile responsive website. It assists in skipping the web development process and builds the website at minimal cost.

Firedrop: It is used by a number of web designers all over the world. It utilizes machine learning technology development to construct a website in a fraction of seconds. Its AI based chatbot Sacha helps you in making tailor-made website designs.

3. Minimalism:

Minimalism design makes the website to load faster and makes their appearance hassle-free. This web design is based on the principle of simplicity. The fewer the elements will be, the more convenient it will be for visitors to grasp the information.

A well-designed website with proper white-space, contrast, and soothing typography make the delivery of information accurate and simple. Moreover, it ends up making the navigation easy and providing an excellent user experience.

Minimalism will continue to shine in 2019 by giving enough place on web pages for distracting elements. This will make scrolling a fun part and help the visitors to find the information they are looking for easily.

4. Chatbots

Artificial intelligence has taken the webiste design to its peak by making it more independent of human support. With more efficiency and intelligence, chatbots are expected to rule websites in this year.

It is expected that they will be seen in the higher customized form on websites. Friendly mascots representing brands are also predicted to be a part of future web designs.

They might be seen in bright colors to add prominence to their presence. This, in turn, will result in asking attention towards chatbots from every visitor.

5. Design systems:

As every smart business person is looking for better website designs, various design tools of web designing are being introduced. These design tools are evolving constantly with new features and versions being introduced at timely intervals.

Some of the tools that will be ruling in 2019 are:

Mockplus (rapid prototyping tool), FrontMap (front end tool), Sketch (UI interface tool), WebGradients (gradient tool), etc.

Wrapping up:

There are plenty of innovations introduced in the market to improve the technical support in website designing process. These technologies which are introduced in web designing are reshaping the whole process continuously in brilliant ways.

To make a website survive in the market it is essential to meet the pace of these evolving trends. This is the only way to make your website an awesome tool to avail new business opportunities!


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