Cryptocurrencies and the technology they are built on are fast becoming one of the most controversial applications the FinTech world has ever seen. These technologies are rapidly creating more efficient conduits for money flow and providing accessible means of commerce for those previously unable to access banking and payment options.

Built on what is know as Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies are more than just another form of money. Using a decentralized ledger an immutable history of transactions is kept. The exceptional nature of this technology makes it possible for any account or agreement to be kept in permanent form. Thus, creating contracts between individuals that cannot be corrupted and that do not involve banks, courts, governments or other traditional interferers.

Here at CryptoCoin Cache we will try to break down some of these complex ideas and provide you with real world utilization of Cryptocurrencies and their applications.

Start above with our FAQ’s section to get a general overview of topics. If you would like more detail, please look in our research section. We will also be providing commentary on the latest news and also reviews of Crypto/Bitcoin related services and products.

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