An App Starter Kit for Founders Starting Their First Business

Whether you’re looking for greater market reach, enhanced security, better accounting, or superior communication systems — these tools will save you time, money, and energy.

No matter the size of your business, technology has become an important aspect of every business, providing a much needed competitive edge.

So which tech tools are best for a smoother small business operation?

Here is a list of tech tools that ensure an overall improvement in your business efficiency.

1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks isacloud-based accounting software for small firms, consultancies, and self-employed professionals. It offers wholesome finance and accounting solutions to businesses.

Its features include Invoicing, Expense Accounting, Time Tracking for working more efficiently, easy to use Double Entry Accounting system, accepting payments by credit cards, advanced budgeting and estimation, efficient project management and generating financial reports for business planning.

Pricing starts at just $15 per month and businesses can buy yearly plans to save costs. FreshBooks is a secure and user-friendly finance tool to keep track of your money.

2. Buffer

Online marketing and social media play an important role in marketing today. Small businesses may be able to improve sales drastically with the help of social media posts.

Buffer is a fantastic marketing gizmo. Buffer manages all your social accounts in one place. It lets you schedule content in advance and at your preferred time.

Buffer also has unique features that help you review and analyze how your posts are performing. You can also add up to 25 members to your Buffer account for multiple posting.

3. Slack

Slack is a teamwork tool that provides channels for efficient communication. It helps to build channels that can be shared not just by teams, projects, and employees, but even clients, vendors and partners.

Along with communication, Slack offers both voice and video calls. Screen sharing is also possible with the help of this uber-sophisticated tool. File sharing becomes super easy with Slack with the help of its drag and drop feature. It helps improve time management and efficiency as it has more than 1,500 apps integrated into it.

4. Exxpert Apps

It is an all-in-one application for help with international business management. It facilitates country details, language, time zone, and currency. Expert Apps helps improve team productivity with efficient management of contacts, companies, projects, documents, resources, mailings, landing pages, online registrations, surveys, and online procurement. The dynamic application adapts to your data, business processes, and organization. The Exxpert Apps helps you analyze, compare and decide business applications.

5. OnTheClock

OnTheClock is a popular employee tracking tool used by businesses. Its unique interface and features ensure happy employees. Its GPS services facilitate easy clock in/outs and also better employee locations.

OnTheClock helps small business in payroll and project reporting through Excel export. It also offers productive PTO (Paid Time Off) payroll process. It’s completely automated system completely removes the hassles of manually adding up employee paid time off hours.

It is available both on the mobile and online platform. It works across all computers, phone, tablets and on different operating systems. Since it is 100% online, there is no need for unnecessary software downloads or updates. Along with 100% internet-based security, OnTheClock also offers 24x7x365 phone support.

6. WORK[etc]:

It is a single software solution that can work for your entire business. As it offers all the tools you need to manage your team and business, it reduces cost and eliminates the need for costly integrations. It will run on Android devices, iPhones, and also on web apps. It is designed to work across different email platforms including Inbox, Gmail, and Outlook. With lesser internal costs and efficient collaborations, WORK[etc] is sure to help your business grow.

7. Sellsy

Sellsy offers an online platform to improve your sales process. Its CRM helps business with management of prospects, task processing, automated marketing campaign, and a large group of data entry. Customer Service features offered by Sellsy include follow-up of complaints, better management of internal assignments, integrated time tracking and even generating statistical reports. Sellsy provides marketing services like customizable messages, managing static mailing lists and emails.

8. Calendly

Calendly is a time-management tool which facilitates scheduling meetings with ease. Whether it’s arranging for one-to-one meetings, round-robin meetings or group meetings, Calendly helps you host and schedule meetings without the need for back and forth emails. Some features include sending notifications for confirmation and reminders, adding extra buffer time before and after the event, automatic time-zone detection and setting limits to the number of meetings per day.

Tech tools go a long way in improving business efficiency. Use these tools for better planning, organizing, communication, finance, and marketing — all the ingredients that make a profitable business.

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