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Know The Coin: Interview with Refereum Founder Dylan Jones 0

Know The Coin: Interview with Refereum Founder Dylan Jones

Know The Coin: Interview with Dylan Jones

Hey there, and welcome to another episode of ChangeNOW’s Know The Coin show! Today’s guest is Dylan Jones, a founder and CEO of Refereum, a gaming community platform based in San Francisco, that brings together gamers and blockchain users alike!

It’s a pleasure to be here, thank you so much for your time and for listeners to hear about us.

Could you please tell our listeners a little bit about yourself and your background? How did you get to crypto world and was Refereum your first crypto experience?

I come from pretty long career in video gaming for spanning about 10 years. I have done basically everything: Facebook games, mobile games, worked on some platforms and analytic systems, done some marketing in game industry. Everyone from our team came from gaming companies or from tech companies here in San Francisco. What Refereum really focuses on is bringing marketing budgets back to the people. So, what’s happening right now in video game space is that most of marketing budgets are sent off to Google, Facebook and to advertising companies. The idea we’ve been working on for a while — probable the last couple of years now — allows us to take those centralized marketing budgets and redistribute them back to people. For instance, we’ve seen a rise of influencers on YouTube and Twitch recently. Maybe, someone’s talking and sharing about video games, but why can’t we get them rewards? Why can’t we get individual rewards for sharing and being a huge fan of the game? That’s what Refereum really focuses on: solving this problem. We are using blockchain to address a lot of the concerns that you encounter dealing with micro influencers like that. It’s really how to do that scale. Of course, blockchain is great at micropayments and in addition we’re trying to bring a lot more transparency to video game marketing space in general. It’s actually one of the big problems right now. So, our blockchain solution secures that, if you wanted to sell 10 things, you did sell 10 things.

Basically, if I’m a Twitch or YouTube video game streamer, I can use the platform to receive tips, right?

If you’re streaming a video game, it is very difficult for the creators of that game to find you and reward you. But they want you to stream that game, cause it’s bringing new players, right? And on Refereum platform they can announce: we will give you a dollar if you stream it, or more if you bring new players!

So now, if you are a microinfluencer, you can get paid directly by a videogame, not just your audience?

That’s right.

Refereum also aims to solve the problem of streamers who stream less known games, right?

Yes, and not only. We work with very well-known games as well as not so popular ones.

You used to be involved with gaming before, management and analytics. How did you first come into crypto world?

Actually, we had been in video gaming for a while and realized we all came up with the same idea: it is hard to pay a streamer when you want to. You may want to pay 5 bucks, but the gamer might get only $1 from that. Micropayments are a real problem when you want to pay somebody outside your country. And getting to crypto was quite natural: when Bitcoin and Ethereum rose, many people loved transparency, and we loved it, and continued on and on until you know us today.

On which games have you worked before? Have you worked for any titles we might already know?

As for me personally, I worked on some mobile games. For example, you might have played “War Commander: Rogue Assault”. I was a game system designer there: designed virtual economy, how coins work, RTS mechanics, strategy, stuff like that. And now in Refereum we have a pleasure to work with some pretty amazing developers, like the ones who work on Fortnight, Battlefield. I really love and support indie game community, who can’t be so popular because of unfortunate system of current game marketing, so we’ve also focused on working with them. For instance, Banner Saga, which is an awesome strategy game made by Stoic. We also have some major announcements for the next month, and they just keep rolling in, because we are using blockchain technology to solve real problems that real people have today.

If Refereum solves the problem of indie games development, it’s just mindblowing.

Before that I was running a game co-working space an San Francisco called Game Nest. We specifically focused on helping indie game developers. And I had it for about 3 years.

What do you think about blockchain gaming in general? Right now, when people think about blockchain gaming, they usually mean gambling or some stuff like CryptoKitties on Ethereum.

In 2018 we’ve seen a lot of low quality stuff that burned away. What I am hoping now is that trees, planted before, will grow and turn into this awesome forest of blockchain videogaming. We’re definitely in blockchain infancy, it’s 1992 if compared to the Internet. I hope in 2019 we will start focusing on UX and some great mechanics. It will be interesting to see how purely centralized games that we used to play interact with blockchain. I think it’s interesting, but that’s not there blockchain games are going. We started with simple stuff like CryptoKitties, where you did 2 or 3 inputs. We’re approaching the games that are fully on chain. I know a couple of them now and it is really the next evolution. Making only payments in crypto in classic video games is cool but not the same. The next move is how we can use blockchain as the entire database of a video game.

And what about the quests that Refereum offers? Are these referral points of less known videogames and streamers?

On we have these things that you are talking about. These are called quests. If you complete quests, you get points. The more points you get. The more rewards you get. Actions are playing games, watching streams, sharing anything and etc., and everyone can jump on.

What is the most popular game that Refereum adopters stream?

It depends on what the streamers are into these days and changes very fast.

What about your involvement with Telegram? I know that you have there a chat with people who do Refereum quests. How exactly does it work?

We are actually the first project to hit the maximum number of users in Telegram chats. We hit 50k. We asked Telegram to increase it, and it was 75k and then 100k. We’ve been a long-time user of Telegram and we have a ton of Telegram quests. We are glad to share tips on community growing with other platforms. We have a tool called RefereumGrow, which is basically a growth engine.

Let’s talk about mass adoption. Are there any plans for Refereum to partner with any major gaming studios? Do you have any future partnerships lined up?

Of course, we have, but unfortunately, I can never announce that stuff until we have signed up for a partnership. So the only way to stay tuned in to join us on social media. We’re also looking for any kind of feedback there.

A little question about the Refereum token: do you have any plans for switching from the Ethereum blockchain to your own main node? If yes, when is it going to happen?

Absolutely, and there’s more details to come out in the future. We have our own chain planned on the early stages of planning as well.

Can Refereum token be used anywhere else beside your platform? What can you do with Refereum tokens besides exchanging them to some other crypto?

In 2017 we added an opportunity to buy video games at This is one of the top utility cases for Refereum token. And it can be also used in our projects, like the growth engine I mentioned above. We have some partnerships coming up, that will make spending Refereum token really easy.

Do you only have PC games, or you support any other platforms like Nintendo Switch or XBOX1?

For now, we’re definitely focused on the PC game space.

What do you think will happen with this crypto winter, and will it clear up anytime soon in your opinion?

As I’ve mentioned. I hope in 2019 we will start seeing some new trees that will form a forest. I will never make price predictions, all I can say is that we will see awesome projects that are starting to come out now. I’ve seen creators of some of them here in San Francisco and I believe it is what blockchain market is now.

Will we be able to see Refereum updates anytime soon?

We have a ton of updates on our blog on Medium, you can check them out!

Thank you so much for reading — stay tuned for more Know The Coin episodes soon!

Know The Coin: Interview with Refereum Founder Dylan Jones was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Analysts Expect Bitcoin to Climb Higher as BTC Forms Upwards Parabola Pattern 0

Analysts Expect Bitcoin to Climb Higher as BTC Forms Upwards Parabola Pattern

After picking up some steam this past Sunday, Bitcoin was able to approach the $5,200 level before dropping slightly. Although the previous drop – which sent BTC reeling back towards the lower-$5,000 region last week – seemed to mark the end of the surge, it now appears that the markets have further room to climb before they face any significant resistance levels.

Analysts now expect Bitcoin to continue surging higher in the coming days and weeks, as it has formed an upwards parabola pattern that will likely aid in its upwards ascent for the foreseeable future.

Bitcoin (BTC) Continues to Find Support in Low-$5,000 Region

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading down roughly 1.5% at its current price of $5,050. BTC is up from its seven-day lows of just below $5,000 but is still down from its weekly highs of $5,400.

Because $5,400 has proven to be a strong level of resistance for the cryptocurrency, it is likely that BTC will require a significant influx of buying volume to propel it above this level.

Thomas Lee, the head of Fundstrat Global Advisors and a notable Bitcoin bull, recently spoke to MarketWatch about what may lead Bitcoin to surge higher in the near future and explained that risk appetite for cryptocurrencies is growing as more traditional equities investors look for assets with higher potential returns.

“Risk appetite is positive for bitcoin. If the S&P 500 made a 2.5 standard deviation move [as it has done year-to-date] and investors are looking for [volatility], that’s building a base case for bitcoin,” he explained, further adding that he expects BTC to break above $10k at some point this year.

BTC Forms Parabolic Pattern That May Allow it to Continue Surging

Because 2019 has proven to be a somewhat positive year for the cryptocurrency markets thus far, and the general consensus amongst analysts and investors alike is that the persisting bear market has finally concluded, it would not be surprising if the markets incurred significant gains as the year drags on.

Lisa N. Edwards, a popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, spoke about Bitcoin’s price action in a recent tweet, explaining that BTC has formed a parabolic formation that does not leave much room for further downside. If this pattern holds over the coming months, the crypto could easily surge towards the $7,000 level.

“$BTC small bounce in the right direction, lots of people still calling extreme lows at the moment – I would like to bring your attention to the PURPLE PARABOLA…. not much room for correction… it’s possible BUT unlike IMO,” she explained.

As the week continues on and Bitcoin begins establishing fresh levels of support and resistance, investors and analysts alike will most likely gain some better levels of understanding as to whether or not BTC is truly able to continue climbing higher in the near-term.

Featured image from Shutterstock.

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AOC’s Facebook Fake-Out Is Another Example of Her Ongoing Hypocrisy 0

AOC’s Facebook Fake-Out Is Another Example of Her Ongoing Hypocrisy

By CCN: Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is playing both sides of the social media game. In another two-faced move by the always controversial New York rep, Ocasio-Cortez has announced that she is discontinuing her personal use of Facebook. She also refers to social media as a “public health risk,” commenting: “I think that social media poses a public health risk to everybody. There are amplified impacts for young people, particularly children under the age of three with screen time, but I think it has a lot of effects on older people. I think it has effects on everybody. Increased isolation, depression,

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Why the Future of Esports Is Tied to Cryptocurrency 0

Why the Future of Esports Is Tied to Cryptocurrency

At the League of Legends World Championship Finals in South Korea last year, 100 million viewers tuned in to watch Invictus Gaming defeat Fnatic 3-0 and collect $2.4M in prize money. With its young, passionate and tech-savvy global audience, esports shares evident similarities with cryptocurrency. Not surprisingly, many predict great things for the twin industries whose future may lie intertwined.

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The $1 Billion Nut to Crack

With a 33% compound annual growth rate, the $1 billion esports market is highly lucrative. Hundreds of millions of fans regularly watch their esports heroes battle it out in games such as DOTA, League of Legends, Halo, and FIFA at live streamed events whose prize money can run into the millions. To its global audience of digital natives, accustomed to having everything they covet on demand, esports is to entertainment what cryptocurrency is to cash: the natural order of things. Most esports fans are too young to recall the before time, when games were played offline and money was physical.

Already, there are signs of a blossoming bromance between the esports and cryptocurrency industries, with an inflow of investment fueling the projected wave of cryptocurrencies focused around esports and blockchain gaming. Esports team-building platform Dreamteam recently closed a $5M seed round with Mangrove Capital Partners and has secured partnerships with major industry players including last year’s League of Legends finalists Fnatic. David Waroquier, partner at Mangrove Capital Partners, told “The massive growth in esports popularity mixed with the fact that gamers eagerly accept the newest types of technology is creating the perfect storm for blockchain. Using smart contracts for tournament winnings, player salaries and sponsorship money creates the fraud-proof environment esports needs in order to sustain its growth.”

Gaming and Cryptocurrency – the Perfect Pairing?

In addition to esports, the gaming industry at large has been aligning closely with the rails that run the cryptoconomy. Ripple turned heads last month when it was revealed to be the backer of a new $100M fund dedicated to blockchain-based games. “Gaming is a $140 billion global industry driven predominantly by digital microtransaction economies, which we believe will benefit immensely from the integrity and resilience of blockchain technology,” said Brett Seyler, the chief platform officer at Forte, the San Francisco-based startup that inked the deal with Ripple. As with esports, the similarities between gamers and cryptocurrency users are manifold.

Effective monetization is critical to sustaining video content creators, most of whom don’t boast the same numbers as the top esports professionals and Youtubers. Pewdiepie made headlines last week for joining live streaming platform Dlive, which accepts cryptocurrencies such as BCH and ETH for purchasing its native tokens. His actions have spawned an array of smaller creators to follow suit.

It remains to be seen whether crypto-friendly platforms such as Dlive last the course or prove to be little more than a flash in the pan. What’s less debatable is that the marriage of cryptocurrencies and gaming, in all its many forms, is inevitable. In case more evidence were needed, on April 15, $1 million puzzle game Satoshi’s Treasure launched, promising a bounty-laden bitcoin wallet whose keys have been divided into 1,000 fragments, spawning a global hunt for the prize pieces.

Do you think esports and gaming are prime industries for cryptocurrency adoption? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock.

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94% of Surveyed Endowment Funds are Allocating to Crypto Investments: Study 0

94% of Surveyed Endowment Funds are Allocating to Crypto Investments: Study

94% of endowments have been allocating to crypto-related investments throughout 2018, a new survey reveals

Internet of Things — Wackiest Gadgets Making Home Smarter 0

Internet of Things — Wackiest Gadgets Making Home Smarter

Internet of Things — Wackiest Gadgets Making Home Smarter

In terms of technology, we have come a long way, especially when it is about our homes and communication. No doubt communication is not the same what we had a decade back. We are about to experience 5g networks, traditional voice call is now a thing of the past and voice over internet protocol is the new best thing.

Internet turned our communication upside down, not only it made getting in touch with others easier but it also made our home smart. IoT or internet of things is now controlling every facet of the home. Even things that nobody pays more attention to is connected via internet.

IoT gives you power to control appliances at your home sitting remotely. It’s cool how you are welcomed when you enter the home, coffee starts brewing, your favorite music track playing, all with a touch of a button. But how it is making our home smart?

First, remember IoT is more than only controlling light bulb, security camera from distance. Now, you can have your house cleaned at one command given. This new reverberation caused by IoT is changing and will change the way of living in years to come. Let’s discuss what else has become a part of IoT these days.

IoT Enabled Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

It is by far one of the most useful IoT enabled gadget to have created. Cleaning is one aspect of the home that is carried on a daily basis. You don’t have to drag a heavy or compact one throughout the house, these cleaners will do so on their own just with a single command. All they require is wifi and see the house get cleaned spotlessly.

Loaded with sensors and infrared, the vacuum cleaners detect the proximity to walls and doors, causing them to slow down automatically in order to avoid a collision. And yet it doesn’t mean the corners remain unclean. A flailing brush mounted the sides take care of that without any effort. If you are thinking, these gadgets are to cost a fortune, you are mistaken as there are many manufacturers who built cheap robot vacuum cleaners.

But, the question here is, how would a robot vacuum cleaner know what places are dirty?

Among the array of sensors is a piezoelectric sensor which produces electrical impulse when particles or things strike it. So, during the cleanup round, when dirt particles strike the sensor, they produce electrical impulse. When the number of impulses is high, the system initiates the dirt detection mode and the robot cleaner retraces the path to clean it and it does so again but more slowly until every single dirt particle is removed.

At present, there are so many startups working on area and application-specific IoT enabled vacuum cleaners. You still might have to browse for the perfect one for your carpet or to clean the pet hairs. Another advantage, while you are sleeping, the robots will clean all the floor given you don’t forget to schedule a cleaning. So you wake up in the morning to a tidy dirt free surrounding.

Doors That Can Be Answered From Anywhere

Now, it’s no brainer and people would say, hey! We’ve seen this a lot. Of course, even before Iot and smart doorbells, there were other means of seeing those knocking on your door. That tech wasn’t particularly dumb and was pretty dope when it was the real deal. Watching people approach your door through a camera while they would use the extension to announce their arrival.

Smart doorbells have changed it and made it even better. A process somewhat remains identical, with a camera to pass down the feed of your door on the mobile app. The doorbells are fitted with a microphone to speak, a speaker to listen, built-in security and a motion detector. You can watch the live activity from your office and respond from there as well. This particularly unique when it comes to avoiding unnecessary communication (cheers! Introverts).

The Pet Feeder

One of the wackiest IoT devices is a pet feeder. At times this might seem a waste of resource but if you think about it more carefully, you’d know how useful it can be. Pets are loved by all and they need equal care and feeding just like any other human being. Only, you can’t take them everywhere with you. What would you do when you don’t find a babysitter for them? For more obvious reasons, you cannot leave them on their own with a full day of supply. That is where the pet feeder comes in play.

Let’s say you own a dog and you left him at home alone. When the dog barks, the pet feeder takes notice of that and sends you a push notification. You check it and see you pal from the pet feeder built-in camera. You then dispense one or two treats to him and he goes on again to be a good by that he is.

IoT is definitely the next best thing and road to future, however, what’s the use of technology if you can cannot create weird and useful gadgets to use.

Internet of Things — Wackiest Gadgets Making Home Smarter was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Report: Blockchain Startup ConsenSys Seeks $200 Million From Outside Investors

Blockchain-focused company ConsenSys is reportedly trying to attract outside investors to raise $200 million

Nestlé, Carrefour Work With IBM to Track Mashed Potato Brand With Blockchain 0

Nestlé, Carrefour Work With IBM to Track Mashed Potato Brand With Blockchain

Three-way partnership between Nestlé, Carrefour and IBM Blockchain makes instant mashed potato the latest product to get the blockchain tracking treatment