Crypto takeoff: EOS, TRON, and Stellar stepping solidly in the market

If the question is which are the cryptocurrencies currently having remarkable behaviors in the market, the answer without any doubt features EOS, TRON (TRX), and Stellar (XLM). But what’s exactly going on? Let’s find out what these coins are doing and how the crypto market is receiving that.


The current selling price of EOS is 17.60 dollars per unit, a number granting the coin with a whopping 58% increase in a week.

EOS token has been having a bullish behavior all week, and it all seems to point it will continue making outstanding gains. One of the factors that may have been collaborating with this is the new listings that the coin gained in diverse cryptocurrency exchange platforms, among we can find Zebpay and eToro.

Additionally, a group of exchange platforms betwixt we can find Huobi and Bitfinex, have suddenly become very attracted to the EOS blockchain, and as a consequence, are seeking to produce blocks on it.

Similarly, the Software tech company Object Computing (OCI) broadcasted a webinar this Thursday – in which they explained how to build DApps using the EOS platform. The webinar is not available at the moment, but users have the chance to request a recording of it directly on the OCI site.

On the webinar, the main capability factors of EOS were elucidated, and the same way, viewers had the chance to see closely how a DApp set up works.

Shortly, we may potentially see a large group of EOS DApss appearing in the landscape. And that makes us wonder, how long would it take for EOS to reach the price of $20? Apparently, not that long!


The current selling price of TRON (TRX) is $0.07745 per unit, a number granting the coin with a 41.30% increase in just the last seven days.

Indeed, TRON has returned to fight against the giants of the market! The current position of the token in the rank of the best cryptos is the number 10, with a market cap of $5.1 billion. However, this is not the first time the virtual coin has been ranked as the 10th largest coin, in fact, not so long ago it was also the number 10 but later on it got kicked and moved backward on the list. Would it this be the time of TRX to remain as one of the ten most important virtual coins on the market?

TRX has been recently added to the crypto exchange platform, Zebpay. That may be one of the reasons why the coin has been behaving so bullishly.

Nevertheless, it’ not only a fact of listings in reputed exchange platforms, the coin has been gaining a lot traction among users as well. Social media has been very supportive with the token, in fact, the founder Justin Sun, established on Twitter:

Stellar (XLM)

The current selling price of Stellar (XLM) is  $0.41352 per unit, a number granting the coin with a 7.22% increase in just the last seven days.

In fact, Stellar was the coin leading the top 10 position holders’ rally in the market not so long ago. However, it got displaced by both EOS and TRON just recently.

As with many other virtual coins in the market, Stellar is working on building up relationships that may boost its behavior. In fact, on May 1st, the Stellar team will fly to Dubai to attend a blockchain/fintech reunion. As the company itself has announced in a recent tweet, there’s still enough time if you want to register for the Dubai Meetup. So what you’re waiting for?

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