Here Is How Citizens of Turkey are Warming up to Bitcoin

In a recent tweet a few days ago, Kim Dotcom had advised all of us to start stocking up on gold and cryptocurrency (eg Bitcoin (BTC)) – for the USD was at the cusp of a serious financial crisis. His advice was interpreted as meaning that we should look for alternative means of storing value as the future of the global fiat currencies looks uncertain. His exact words were as follows:

“Trust me. Buy crypto and gold. Your USD will become worthless. With US economic collapse all old money currencies will crash. Times will get tough. But you’ll be fine if you hedge some of your assets in preparation for the crash. The big crash is coming 100%.”

Turkish Financial Crisis

His words can be applied to the current situation in Turkey as its currency – the Lira – continues to be volatile due to increased political tensions in the country. On August 9th, the Lira dropped in value by a whopping 18% as many economists continued to theorize how its currency would get back to being stable and at a level seen before President Erdogan consolidated his power over the past months by amending the constitution. The US has imposed sanctions on the country thus adding to the financial uncertainty.

Referencing the words of Kim Dotcom, and to the Turkish Lira, it is only natural that the Citizens of Turkey have started researching on alternative ways of hedging against a volatile Lira. It is with such a theory that Twitter user @CobraBitcoin tweeted the following about Bitcoin.Org:

“There’s been a MASSIVE 42% increase in visitors to from Istanbul as the Turkish Lira plummets. This is how Bitcoin takes over the world, not through ETF’s and “HODL”, but through replacing fiat currencies as they fall apart!”

Further investigating the claim, we find that in early August, the traffic to from Turkey stood at 11,485 visitors per day. On 14th of August, that number stood at 45,044 indicating a 292% increment in traffic from Turkey to traffic from Turkey. Source,

Bitcoin As An Alternative to Fiat

With the increased interest in Bitcoin from the citizens of Turkey, we can see that BTC is an alternative store of value during periods of political turmoil that could lead to the crash of fiat currencies. It is, therefore, safe to also conclude that Bitcoin (BTC) is the Digital Gold of the 21st Century.

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