Introducing Prism Watchlists

Hello Prism Users!

We’re excited to announce a new feature that many of you have asked for: each Prism account now has a profile page where you can (1) see your Prisms, both active and settled, (2) create a watchlist of Prisms you want to keep an eye on, and (3) change your username.

A couple things to know about these features:

New Prisms vs. existing Prisms: Any new Prisms you create will automatically be included in the “My Prisms” section of the page. Any already existing Prisms will not automatically be included in the “My Prisms” section; instead, you’ll need to add existing Prisms to your Watchlist. Do this by clicking on the “Add to Watchlist” button on the Prism page. In order to find your current Prisms to add to your Watchlist, use the search bar on the home page to search by Buyer or Prism address. Check it out below!


Watchlist: Adding and Removing: You can add and remove Prisms from your watchlist at any time by clicking the “Add to Watchlist” or “Remove from Watchlist” buttons on the Prism page.

Watching a Prism vs. Following a Prism: How is watching a Prism different from following a Prism? GOOD QUESTION. Watching simply means the selected Prism will appear in the Watchlist on your Prism page so you can conveniently track its changes. Following means you tie your Prism’s movements to another Prism’s movements; your Prism will have the same allocation as the Prism you follow. Another difference between the two features is that watching Prisms is free, and can be done whether you own a Prism or not, but following a Prism costs Ether and creates an entirely new Prism.

Watchlists are available now; login to your Prism account and try them out! And as always, please reach out with any questions. We’re excited to provide this feature for the community. Keep the suggestions coming, and we’ll continue to make improvements. Our goal is simple: to make Prism your favorite investment tool!

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