John McAfee aims 2020 US presidential run for serving crypto community

In the crypto sphere, a significant part of the validation that specific coins receive come from the endorsement or the advocation of particular figures related to the industry. In this sense, there’s not a way of mentioning such actions and not linking them to John McAfee, the individual that for excellence have been advocating, predicting, and in many occasions, favoring the behavior of a variety of coins available in the market.

The mentioned businessman is the face behind the successful and very much adopted antivirus and antimalware software dubbed McAfee. John, for a time now, has been an individual with a strong presence in the cryptocurrency market, being responsible of some of the most accurate predictions and opinions in the sector; a fact that without any doubt has granted him a large group of followers and substantial credibility.

His opinions never go unnoticed by the crypto community. In fact, he is nothing but controversial and most of the times he manages to get the great attention of the industry and its followers. This time, he has done it once again by announcing he will place a bid on 2020 presidential to spread the word of the crypto environment. Let’s see how it goes!

The announcement

Two days ago Twitter almost collapsed when John McAfee published on his official account that he would run for president in the 2020-2024 term to show his support for the crypto sector and spread his knowledge among the U.S. regarding this topic.

The tweet reads:

Let’s recall this is not the first time McAfee runs for president. In fact, back in 2016, he bid as well, but he lost the chance of being the candidate of the Libertarian Party against the former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson.

Regarding the previous bid, McAfee mentioned he failed in not being fully connected with the community, a fact that he assures if he would have approached differently the results would be others. The same way, in relation to his future bid in 2020 he also tweeted a Youtube video showing his last campaign and a message saying that that was the way it looked his pitch back in 2016 and that for 2020 the community can wait for a similar tone but with a subject matter entirely focused on cryptocurrencies.

The initial tweet of June 3rd has accumulated over 2,000 comments so far on the social network, and McAfee has replied to almost all of the people expressing his thankfulness for the responses. Additionally, rumors are heard that a token of the market has offered a donation of almost 400 dollars for the campaign, so the whole thing looks pretty good for McAfee.

Nonetheless, the controversial influencer of the crypto world expressed in a tweet that he knows he won’t have a chance of winning, but as he thinks, “what truly changes America is not the president, but the process of creating one”, so just with the opportunity of being a part of the process there’s a platform from where he can stand to fully support cryptocurrencies.

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