React.JS App Who Can Use By This Top Application

React Native App is real mobile app. The concept of creating apps using only one paradigm for all platforms sounds a bit unbelievable. However, React Native, despite its immaturity, allows to accelerate the process of building apps across different platforms, thanks to the likelihood of reusing most of the code between them.

React Native segments are unadulterated, reaction free capacities that arrival what the perspectives look like anytime. Therefore it is less demanding to compose state-subordinate perspectives, as you don’t need to think about refreshing the view when the state changes since the system does this for you. React native app development services individual platforms like iOS and Android.

The UI is rendered utilizing genuine local perspectives, so the last client encounter isn’t as awful as different arrangements that essentially render a web part inside a WebView.


React Native commenced as Facebook’s hackathon project developed in response to the company’s needs. Facebook wanted to bring all the advantages of web development — such as quick iterations and having a single team develop the whole product — to mobile. That is how React Native was brought to life and leveraged in mobile app development for both iOS and Android apps.


Instagram accepted the challenge to integrate React Native into their existing native app beginning from the simplest view you can imagine: the Push Notification view which was basically implemented as the WebView. It did not require building navigation infrastructure, as UI was quite simple.

Why did they choose React Native?

The dev team at Instagram faced a few problems on the way, but they substantially improved developer velocity. 85% to 99% of code was shared between Android and iOS apps, depending on products, thus the team was able to deliver the app much faster than they would have with a native solution.


SoundCloud Pulse is an application for creators that helps them manage their accounts and keep their community humming. When the company started designing the second set of native apps, they faced a few obstacles. iOS developers were impossible to find and they didn’t want to have a huge gap between the iOS and Android releases. Therefore, an independent research team started to run user-testing sessions with React Native based prototypes.(learn more: IT Team Augmentation)

Why did they choose React Native?

Their experience with the framework was generally positive. Developers found it easier to work on a React Native-based application than on a native application. Moreover, they were capable of building the application by themselves without frequent input from specialised mobile developers.


One of the React version works with Netflix too. particularly on their stage called Gibbon which is utilized for low-execution TV gadgets rather than the DOM utilized as a part of internet browsers. Netflix has even distributed an official blog entry clarifying how the ReactJS library enables their startup to speed, runtime execution, measured quality and different preferences.


Started in 2006, Wix is an online company that provides web hosting and website design services. Users can design and build their sites in HTML5/CSS, as well as mobile websites, using drag and drop utilities. Two popular features of Wix are that developers can create their own web applications to market to other users, and that users do not need to know any coding to create a website. There are several navigation options available for handling navigation in react native apps like React-native-router-flux, react-navigation,airbnb-native-navigation and wix-react-native-navigation out of which I prefer to use react-native-navigation because of its extremely configurable navigation and screen options along with properly maintained and updated codebase. ( See more: Famous apps built with Node.js)

Why did they choose?

Whereas native app development is usually linked with inefficiency, less developer productivity, and slower time rate to deployment, React Native is all about delivering the speed and agility of web app development to the hybrid space — with native results. See the project on Github.


Bloomberg’s new consumer mobile application for iOS and Android gives clients a streamlined, interactive experience with simple-to-access personalized content, videos and live feeds featured across Bloomberg’s Media. To develop the application, the company employed a unique mobile app development framework.

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