Spending Bitcoin & Buying Something with Bitcoin

Spending & Buying Something with Bitcoin

Spending Bitcoin is one of the things that we must all do in order to contribute to adoption. Few people actually spend their Bitcoin, but most people should be. When you pay for something in Bitcoin you are not only receiving what you paid for, but you are also contributing toward the entire bitcoin ecosystem. We need people to spend and pay for things in Bitcoin in order for the price to drastically rise.


Buying something with bitcoin is easier said than done. There is not one proper solution and the user experience is almost always slow. Forra Is the fastest, easiest and best way to buy something with bitcoin. Buying something with bitcoin is pretty hard to mentally come over. Many people don’t realize that buying something using bitcoin is what adoption is all about.

This is a short step by step breakdown on how to make a purchase with Bitcoin.

Go to Market.forra.io and find an item that you would like to purchase.

Let's use this item as an example:


When you buy something using bitcoin you need to have access to your wallet, just like you would have to do with fiat. Once you are prompted to send the payment can do the following

When you are prompted to make a payment on Forra you will be asked to make a payment to a specific wallet. You must copy and paste that amount into your wallet in order to send it. Just like you would any other transaction


If you have the coinbase app on your phone you can automate most of this process by simply using the QR scan payment method. The QR scanner will prompt you to open your coinbase application and will automatically have the proper information filled out.

Once you buy the item using bitcoin

All you need to do is sit back and wait for us. You will receive some sort of an email confirmation, and can follow up with us in any way that you see fit.

Everyone who has invested in Bitcoin wants the price to go up. You should want to spend your bitcoin and use it as an actual currency to drive the price up. Buying something with bitcoin is what will lead to mass adoption. When business owners see that they can save more of the dollars they make by accepting bitcoin they will do so. This is what will lead to adoption. You need to show business owners that bitcoin and crypto is a viable way for business owners to keep more of the money they make.

The point I keep making is that spending your bitcoin will lead to adoption, and thus the price going through the roof. Due to bitcoin having a fixed supply, it is designed to increase in value. With only 21 million bitcoins to be created, it is hard to imagine that bitcoin will be worth a lot with only few people actually using it. With over 6 billion people on the planet adoption is what will drive the price.

It’s about more people having a little bit, instead of the common tale of one person owning a lot. Adoption will drive the price.

If adoption drives the price of bitcoin, then how can we can get more businesses to accept bitcoin?

All cryptocurrency and bitcoin is a grassroots movement. If the normal thing becomes to spend your cryptocurrency on something then the businesses will flock to start accepting bitcoin as payment.

You need to know where to buy something with bitcoin. If you are interested in making a purchase using bitcoin then I suggest you check out one of the following.

This is our site, but it is also the best way to buy something using bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as well. We have products from Amazon, eBay, and normal people who want to sell their stuff for crypto. Making a purchase using your bitcoin from someone on Forra uses our escrow as well so both you and the sellers funds are safe.

This is another great website for spending your bitcoin. It is very appropriately named as well. SpendBitcoins has been around for a long time, and it has a great local feel to it. You can select based on proximity, and category to find what best for you.

Spending your bitcoin is not always easy. The UX behind making a purchase is subpar compared to using a credit card for example. There are a few more steps involved, and 2fa is a pain. On top of which most businesses do not accept bitcoin.

Business owners have the choice to accept bitcoin or not, as a community we need to show them that allowing customers to make a purchase using bitcoin is great for their business.

An escrow service is needed when you make a purchase using bitcoin. Spending bitcoin without an escrow can lead you to easily get scammed. Forra purchases are backed by our escrow, making Forra one of the best places to spend your bitcoin.

Originally published at forra.io.

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