Top 20 Software Testing Companies Worth Your Attention in 2019

Finding a trustworthy software testing company is not piece of cake. It may take weeks, and it is guaranteed to cost you some efforts and nerves. Yet, it’s not like you can release your software solution without proper testing done. Users become less forgiving when it comes to less-than-perfect user experience and bugs.

What is more, if you are determined to update and improve your software, you will need to cooperate with a QA company on a regular basis. And if you don’t want to switch to another company in a rush because you need to meet deadlines, you’d better make sure your first choice is the optimal one.


Does this choice seem to be nearly impossible to make properly on the first try? Fear not — to help you out, we have listed the top 20 software QA companies that deserve your consideration. We have selected and ranked these companies based on five key indicators:

Services. The range of services provided, their quality, specialization, experience, and skills possessed by the company’s employees.

Operations. The efficiency and quality of the company’s organizational structure and internal management.

Offering strategy. The company’s approach to delivering the services in terms of the methodology used, requirements management.

Geographic strategy. The company’s ability to provide services to the clients outside of its country of operations efficiently and take into account the foreign market’s specifics.

Online reviews. What its former and existing clients have to say about the company.

Top 20 Software Testing Companies: Our Choice


1. PQA Testing

PQA Testing is a Canada-based QA company with more than 20 years of experience. The company specializes in a number of sectors, such as financial services, healthcare, gaming, government, insurance, and e-learning. Apart from the application testing services themselves, PQA Testing also provides QA consulting and training.

Founded: 1997

Location: Canada

Employees: 100+

Software Testing Services: functional, performance, and load testing, test automation, consulting and training, content verification

Major Clients: large enterprises and midsized businesses

2. QA Consultants

One of the largest QA companies in North America, QA Consultants has been in business for more than two decades. It has expertise in such industries as healthcare, retail, telecommunications, insurance, and government. The company delivers its services in four engagement models: on-demand testing, Test Factory, project-based, and managed services.

Founded: 1994

Location: Canada

Employees: 50+

Software Testing Services: test automation; functional, performance, integration, security, mobile, and data testing; specialized audit

Major Clients: Toronto Hydro, AT&T, Home Depot, Canadian Tire Financial, Toyota

3. Indium Software

Indium Software has almost 20 years of experience up its sleeve, as well as 240+ clients in QA services and expertise across 19 industries. Besides QA services, the company also provides development services (including Big Data, blockchain, and advanced analytics development). Most notably, Indium Software also specializes in developing and testing games.

Founded: 1999

Location: US

Employees: 650

Software Testing Services: core testing (functional, compatibility, regression, user acceptance testing), game QA, specialized QA (DevOps, cloud, API, compliance testing, data quality validation), tool-based solutions (test automation, performance, and security testing)

Major Clients: Fortune 100 and Global 5000 companies

4. QAwerk

QAwerk focuses on testing games, mobile (30+ mobile apps have already been successfully tested by the QAwerk team) and desktop applications, and websites. About 60% of the company’s projects fall under the category of long-term collaboration. The industries that QAwerk works with are eGovernment, eCommerce, startups, business automation, media and entertainment, and data mining.

Founded: 2015

Location: US, Germany, Ukraine

Employees: 16+

Software Testing Services: web, mobile (iOS and Android), game and desktop application testing; documentation and technical writing; offshore QA teams

Major Clients: Elsewhen, Unfold, ClearData, MarketOne, Cygnet

5. QualiTest

QualiTest is, perhaps, the most global company on our list — it has offices in eight countries on three continents. The scope of offered services is also impressive: QualiTest tests mobile and web apps, cloud system, ERPs and CRMs, cybersecurity, and even compliance with GDPR.

Founded: 1997

Location: US, UK, Israel, Romania, India, Turkey, Ireland, Ukraine

Employees: 1,000+

Software Testing Services: independent, managed crowd, outcome-based testing; test environment management; DevOps testing, right-shore testing; consulting; testing for startups, test automation, mobile and website testing, load and performance testing, cloud, CRM and EDI testing, cyber security testing, etc.

Major Clients: Microsoft, FujiFilm, Avaya, OmniTracs, Florida Hospital, News UK

6. TestArmy

TestArmy is a software testing company that offers testing services ad hoc and on a full-cycle basis for desktop, mobile (Android and iOS), and web applications. The company has more than 500 completed projects up their sleeve delivered for clients all over the world, specializing in serving the US- and EU-based businesses.

Founded: 2010

Location: Poland

Employees: 50+

Software Testing Services: security, performance, functional, UX testing; test automation; QA consulting

Major Clients: Samsung Electronics, Philips, EyeEm, Origintag, Yves Rocher

7. A1QA

A1QA is no novice in the QA world — the company has 15+ years of experience in the field, and its portfolio consists of more than 1,500 successful projects. A1QA offers a variety of software testing services for web and mobile apps, as well as consulting, dedicated teams, full-cycle testing, and test automation.

Founded: 2002

Location: US (headquarters), offices in the UK, the Netherlands, and Eastern Europe

Employees: 700+

Software Testing Services: functional, performance, security, compatibility, usability, and localization testing for mobile and web applications

Major Clients: Adidas, Kaspersky Lab, Expedia, Qiwi, Telekom Austria Group

8. Fluid Attacks

One of the software testing companies in the US, Fluid Attacks focuses on testing the security of software and revealing vulnerabilities. The company offers continuous and one-shot white hat hacking services at any stage of the life cycle of the solution. Among its services are static, dynamic, and interactive security testing, as well as software composition analysis.

Founded: 2001

Location: US

Employees: up to 50

Software Testing Services: cybersecurity

Major Clients: Abbott, Avianca, KometSales, Corona, Claro


UTOR is a Ukrainian QA company that specializes in testing mobile and web applications. UTOR team is working on 14 projects at the moment and has 44 projects completed in 2018. Apart from full-cycle testing services, the company provides dedicated QA specialists to complete the clients’ teams and sets up dedicated QA teams.

Founded: 2016

Location: Ukraine

Employees: 33

Software Testing Services: security, performance, automation testing, QA audit

Major Clients: Lift and Squat, Round Pegs, Itau, Connectoo

10. MeU Solutions

MeU Solutions specializes not only in software testing but also in software development (the company offers its own solutions, One2Automate, Shinobi, One2Explore, One2Test). Among its services, you can find shift-right testing, security testing as a service, automation sign-on, managed testing and more. Besides, you can turn to MeU Solutions for a QA consultation.

Founded: 2016

Location: Vietnam

Employees: 50+

Software Testing Services: manual and automated testing; mobile, security, Agile testing

Major Clients: BeeTrack, mobile development companies

11. OnPath Testing

OnPath Testing provides QA services to the businesses on any development stage (early, growth, or mature), as well as VC and Dev companies, with attention towards the specifics of each stage. Apart from usual functional and performance testing, OnPath Testing also takes up defect management to deal with discovered errors and bugs.

Founded: 2009

Location: US

Employees: up to 50

Software Testing Services: QA audit, manual and automation testing, functional and performance testing, defect management

Major Clients: OpenWave, English360, AirCell, Thomson Reuters, MapQuest

12. TestScenario

TestScenario specializes in testing Android and iOS mobile apps and web applications during any stage of the product’s life cycle. The company provides testing services for SOAP and REST APIs as well, and it has 470+ tested mobile apps and 50+ tested web apps of various complexity up its belt.

Founded: 2014

Location: India

Employees: up to 50

Software Testing Services: manual and automated testing, mobile and web app testing, load and performance testing, API testing, consulting

Major Clients: Samsung Parts, Fanster, CSA Health Box, Procure Networks, Hip Give

13. Pragmatic QA

Pragmatic QA is a Bulgarian-based company providing three major QA services (software testing as a service, staff augmentation, and test consulting). You can find both small businesses and corporations with 80,000+ employees among the clients Pragmatic QA. Besides, the company provides training for QA specialists.

Surely, this list is not exhaustive; yet, we have picked the software testing companies that are the leading ones when it comes to the quality of the services, operations, product, and geographic strategies — and the ones with positive reviews from real clients. We hope that this list will help you find a one-time or long-term tech partner you will enjoy cooperating with.

Founded: 2013

Location: Bulgaria

Employees: up to 50

Software Testing Services: application testing, staff augmentation, QA training

Major Clients: Rakuten, EasySecure, Westum, SevOne, KMPG

14. BugRaptors

BugRaptors may not have a decade of experience, yet its portfolio is still impressive: 300+ websites and 500+ mobile apps tested for 500+ clients worldwide. Apart from standard testing services, the company provides automated testing and specialized services (most notable ones are game, ERP, and Big Data testing).

Founded: 2016

Location: US, India

Employees: 75+

Software Testing Services: standardized (functional, compatibility, system, usability, regression, installation, user acceptance testing), automation testing (performance, web, mobile testing, etc.), specialized (ERP, web, security, cloud, game, Big Data, mobile, DevOps and Agile testing)

Major Clients: HP, EDS, Kerr-McGee, Web-Flight, REO

15. vTest

vTest’s portfolio includes 50 clients and 2,500 test cases. This software QA company specializes in mobile app testing and provides its services based on one of three engagement models (managed services, consulting, or team extension). Besides, the company has experience in working with ISO and CMMI standards.

Founded: 2015

Location: India

Employees: up to 50

Software Testing Services: consulting, managed services, team augmentation; mobile testing

Major Clients: Chain Ninja, LendTech, EasyWork, Lift&Co, Tremido

16. KiwiQA

KiwiQA is an Indian company specializing in testing solutions for a number of industries, including banking and finances, healthcare and fitness, commerce, insurance, telecommunications, retail, etc. The company delivers its services to small businesses, enterprises, and startups alike while taking into account the specifics of each type of clients.

Founded: 2009

Location: India, Australia, UK

Employees: 50+

Software Testing Services: automation and manual testing; performance, security testing; code verification, consulting; Big Data, CRM, SalesForce, game testing

Major Clients: Abacus, Quantum Digital, AOL, KPMG

17. ThinkSys

Founded: 2012

Location: US, Israel, India

Employees: 150+

Software Testing Services: automation, regression, functional, localization, mobile, performance, security, usability, eCommerce testing

Major Clients: Shutterstock, American Greetings, Bond University, ServiceMesh, NowVel

ThinkSys is one more company that provides both QA and development services. It offers mobile and desktop application end-to-end testing. Among the services provided by ThinkSys you can find the full spectrum need for full-cycle product management, including regression, usability, functional, localization, performance, and security testing.

18. Testbytes

Testbytes has tested 125 websites and 200 mobile apps for 160 clients worldwide. Testbytes team has taken part in projects in a number of industries, including commerce, banking, and finances, healthcare, and insurance. Besides web and mobile app testing, Testbytes also provides services for testing games and desktop software.

Founded: 2013

Location: India, US

Employees: 30+

Software Testing Services: mobile, desktop and web app testing, game testing, security testing, and testing automation

Major Clients: Fixle, Taskr, inLinx, 3R Connect, Emuser, Keepity

19. BairesQA

BairesQA is an Argentine-based company focusing on testing mobile and web applications (its portfolio includes 250 websites tested). Its clients include companies from Spanish- and English-speaking countries. BairesQA employees run tests exclusively in real environments (no emulators or rooted devices are used). Besides, the company provides test case design services.

Founded: 2015

Location: Argentina

Employees: up to 50

Software Testing Services: web and mobile app testing, test automation, load testing, test case design

Major Clients: Aerolab, Georgia Pacific, Baloon Group, FXStreet

20. Acutest

Acutest specializes in delivering testing services for the following four industries worldwide: finances, retail, telecommunications and media, and the public sector. The company has successfully completed 1,000+ projects over 15+ years of experience. Apart from full-cycle testing services (such as test automation, transformation, and management), Acutest also offers the “sprint finish” service to help your development meet the deadlines.

Founded: 2002

Location: UK

Employees: 200+

Software Testing Services: managed services, specialist and non-functional testing; test transformation, automation, and management; sprint finish

Major Clients: BBC, McAfee, UNICEF, Vodafone, Primark, HP, Carnival, BNP Paribas

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