Top 5 New SEO Trends For Your Website in 2019

SEO Trends 2019

Google has made changes regarding mobile responsiveness and website speed related efforts to make sure they’re delievering the most optimized search results. Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of these changes right away.

Mobile-First Indexing

Proceeding from last years trend of mobile raking, Google is still doing much effort in looking at a mobile version of your website for the purpose of ranking and indexing. This does not matter whether you have a mobile version on your website. If not, Google still looks at a desktop version to rank your page. However, users with mobile devices won’t be able to navigate and read your page. This page is not displayed to them. For that case, you will need to update your website for mobile browsing. In this way, Google will be able to use responsive website design which serves all devices with the same code.

Mobile First Index

Featured Snippets Ranking

Featured snippets appear on top of the page today where the ranked content was displayed. Now, how do you rank your content in featured snippets? Before you even have a thought on this, you need to rank it on its own page. From research, featured snippets are derived from a high ranked content. All this is as a result of writing high quality and engaging content, and choosing the right keywords. For the case of questioned keywords, ensure that you include paragraph featured snippets. Keep your featured snippets short and use succinct paragraphs in providing authoritative answers. You can hire affordable SEO services to rank your website on feature snippets and drive 80% traffic to your website.

Google Featured Snippets

Create a High-Quality Content

High-quality content matters a lot. Google did a roll out to confirm the sites with low enterprise, authoritative and trustworthiness. According to the results, more than 300 sites were affected including the health and medical sites. He confirmed low-quality content on these sites which had a direct impact on people lives. Google is now committing to serve high quality. If not, you will end up being ranked to page 3,4,5…

Create High-Quality Content

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is continuing to be more popular today and easily accessible to many. Based on voice usage survey, today a great number of people is utilizing their mobile devices while using the voice search and voice command techniques. Googles research showed that around 55% of adult and 41% of adults use voice search everyday respectively. If you are not into voice search optimize your content quickly for voice search. You can optimize for local search, the FAQs, and create mobile-friendly pages.

Improve Your UX

RankBrain is a major trend in 2019. Basing on the search intent of users, Google will use a machine-learning to search its users on the web. RankBrain is an advanced search signal that is able to interpret complex multi-word queries and translate them. It’s able to collect much information and detect patterns in unconnected complex searches.

User Experience

Follow the above strategies to keep you going and updated. These all strategies are trending in 2019 and you should take care of these points with the help of SEO service providers.

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