Venture Capital Acronyms

This summer I was an intern at a venture capital (vc) firm. Venture capital firms have a Monday meeting, each firm does these a little differently, but in a general sense these meetings are used to discuss how everything is going. During Monday meetings I would take notes of all of the acronyms that were used that I didn’t know what they meant.

Below is a compiled list of these acronyms along with what they mean. If you are considering entering the world of venture capital I recommend familiarizing yourself with as many of these acronyms as possible. Remember, this is a minute glimpse into just the acronyms used in venture capital.

ARPU: Average Revenue Per User

ARR: Annual Recurring Revenue

ATS: Applicant Tracking System

AUM: Assets Under Management

CPG: Consumer Packaged Goods

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

D&I: Diversity and Inclusion

DAPTS: Domestic Asset Protection Trusts

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

GMV: Gross Merchandise Value

HSM: Hardware Security Model

IPFS: InterPlanetary File System

ISP: Internet Service Provider

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

LP: Limited Partner

MOM: Month Over Month

NAV: Net Asset Value

ROI: Return on Investment

SEC: Securities and Exchange Commission

SOI: Statement of Investment

TCR: Token Curated Registry

TVPI: Total Value to Paid-In

YOY: Year Over Year

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