We’ve reasons to believe Tron (TRX) is way better than EOS, here they’re

With the many existing cryptos in the market (more than 1,600), it is quite often that we find ourselves comparing certain coins only to realize that they’re pretty much the same thing. Now, that’s actually something not to be alarmed for. Why? Because, considering the fact that many of the cryptos out there have been conceived as a crypto that will attack somehow the niche of other but in a better way, or in other words, these days many cryptos are created by deploying forks, an incredibly popular activity in the cryptosphere.

In this sense, two of the coins that have been compared a lot are Tron (TRX) and EOS, and this is mainly because, as it seems, both cryptos try to attack the same issue, the decentralization of the internet; and to do this, they use as well strategies and tools that look very similar one to another.

However, are these coins really related at the end of the day? Let’s see the main facts that can help us differentiate both cryptocurrencies and figure out which might be the better option among two for investment.

Tron vs EOS

  • Platforms: In terms of friendliness, Tron’s platform is way better than the one of EOS (Tron’s Main Net didn’t disappoint like EOS either). In fact, creating an account, picking a username, and starting trading are one of the easiest things for a Tron user to do, it would only take minutes, and to say the least, the reality of EOS in this is completely different. The main issue in the EOS platform is the technicality, the platform uses a lot of technical names and processes that for sure are unknown for a regular enthusiast of the crypto world. So a way to go, Tron, you scored.
  • Earning possibilities: We all love to obtain a profit from our investments in crypto, and this is something Tron is very aware of. Through the Super Representatives voting users have the chance to vote and obtain a profit, and the conditions are quite simple, the more you vote, the more you get, the more TRX you have, the more you obtain… Simple.
  • Community: One of the things that have collaborated the most with the stability of the TRX token is that Tron has managed to build a community that fully believes in and supports the crypto. In this sense, the CEO of the company, Justin Sun, has played a major role in this while constantly interacting with the community through its Twitter account, a place where he normally shares all of the updates, partnerships, and developments that the company manages to accomplish. In hard times such as the ones experienced these days with the market going up and down, Tron’s community has played a crucial role, and that’s not precisely the case of EOS.


Despite the similarities, it is clear that out of the two Tron (TRX) is the one that has the biggest advantages. In fact, the crypto presents itself as the one with probably the largest community, the greatest strategies, and the more polished platform. So a way to go, Tron, and EOS, you have to do a number of things in a better way.

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